We believe in people,

they are powerful.

We believe in education,

it is more powerful.

And together, greatness is inevitable.

But not everyone has access to education because we are lacking in equality, resources and helping hands.

So we exist to stand for change.

We want to empower people, so they can empower people.

We want to help educate people, so they can help educate people.

This is no simple task, we need strength in numbers, we need brilliant minds, we need caring hearts and we need our community.

Let’s strive for equal education because we believe in small acts with big differences.

What’s our big idea?

To create a recognisable brand that sells beautifully packaged and purposeful stationery in aid of education.

To help educate children all over the world.

To be a talking point and to probe interest in our name, brand and it’s cause.

To create a brand that connects with its customers to create a community of loyal and like-minded individuals.

To challenge the perspective of our ‘norm’, our education system and the bigger picture.

To collaborate with designers and influencers to raise awareness for its cause.

What’s our plan for a better world?

We want to raise awareness of the issues surrounding millions of children worldwide and why they still cannot access education.

We want to support those who are helping to educate children all over the world.

What’s wrong with the status quo?

Children around the world are being deprived of education and educational resources. Children do not have a voice loud enough to be heard and people with influence are doing little for their cause.

What do we want to change?

We want to help educate children all over the world and encourage young people to connect with a cause and to gain something from it.

Who is with us?

Young minds, believers in education, believers in equality.

What actions demonstrate our intent?

10% of our total turnover goes to  our campaigns supporting education projects worldwide. We don’t give on a profit basis, who’s to say we’re making a profit or ever will. We give from the the first sale to the last, irrespective of profit. That way it’s guaranteed; every time you buy – we give.

Ambassadors for Change –

Through our Ambassador for Change programme we also give away thousands of pencils every year. Through a network of volunteers, charities and NGOs our recycled pencils are given away in schools and communities far and wide. Often the one thing a child needs to be able to go to school. 

Travelling overseas soon and want to get involved, just get in touch.

Share a Pencil Day

Each year we organise a Global Education Awareness Day teaching children in the UK why it’s so important every child has access to education and what the implications can be if they don’t. 

In 2018 over 80,000 UK school children signed up to take part on the day. Why not get involved, it’s totally free.


Passion –
We know why we do what you do and we do it because we believe in it.

Better world –
We exist to make children’s futures a little brighter by creating products that make our customers motivated and empowered.

Persistence –
A little goes a long way, we don’t expect change over night but we’ll be here chipping away for as long as it takes.

Equality –
We believe in equal education, but we also believe in treating everyone with respect. We do not discriminate because we believe in all people.

Creativity and Ambition –
draw bigger, think louder and write harder. We encourage creative thinking, without it we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Trustworthy & Sincere-
You can count on us to stay the same, we may add a little colour here and there but our hearts won’t change.

Green –
be kind to our planet, we only have one.


We don’t just sell any old pencils, our pencils are packed with purpose.
They are waiting to travel the world, to aid children everywhere, to achieve our goal for equal education.
We aren’t your ordinary stationery brand, we believe in what we do and we know that someone somewhere is benefiting from it.

We are driven by change, we strive to empower and we believe in our community.


In early 2018, a creative name-storm began to rebrand our existing collective; a new name and a lick of paint. Our team evaluated what we stand for and what we believe in. We thought about who you are and what you would want from us. We wanted a name you’d remember and a name you could connect too. So we chose a name that is:

Strong, like our customers.
Bold, like our brand.
Memorable, like our products.
And emotive, like our cause.

Everything we do and produce is an expression of our feelings. We put all our passion and everything we feel into our products and our designs. We feel so deeply about the causes we are supporting and wanted our beloved customers and incredible team to experience the spark we feel every day.
For us the word vent did exactly that. It is firey and exciting, strong and courageous, expressive and purposeful. All the things we want our brand to stand for.

When we vent, we want to be heard.

To VENT is to express your opinion forcefully.

When we vent,  we do so because it is something we believe in.

When we vent, it is important to us.

And this is important to us.

But there is more: the E in VENT, our little triple bar, has a lot more weight than you might expect.

In maths, it means identical, an equality relation; two things that produce the same value as each other.

In chemistry, it is a type of covalent bond, also called a molecular bond, between two atoms.

You know how we feel about equality!

Did we mention the environment?

That should be a given these days. For organisations large and small, local, national and international who do not put the environment at the very heart of every decision they make they should be ashamed of themselves………. we do.