Resource Pack

Teacher Resource Pack

Below you will find links to everything we had prepared for the day had it taken place in school as originally planned. Due to the government restrictions we have simplified the lesson plans so they can now be set as tasks for pupils to do from home.

Feel free to go through the original information, it may help inform you as teachers a little more about our aims and goals for the day. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not teachers, we are an ethical stationery brand that want to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding global education, and the reasons millions of children are missing out on the schooling they deserve. Each year we put on Share a Pencil Day completely free of charge to help bring this topic to school children across the UK.  Accordingly you may need to double check our lesson plans, be sure everything is there that you need and we haven’t missed anything. Look out below for the HOMEWORK option, this is the simplified version we are proposing for 2020. Have a great day……


Introduction to the day (normally used at the start of the day during assembly or collective worship)

A Powerpoint presentation to introduce Share a Pencil Day to all pupils [DOWNLOAD NOW]

Teachers notes for introductory Powerpoint presentation  [CLICK HERE] 

Pencils given away as part of our Ambassador for Change programme.

Lesson Plan

First time participants & KS1 classes

Lesson plan (up to 40 minutes)
Age range 8 – 10 years. Includes case studies, sharing task and poster design Share-a-Pencil-Day-Recommended-KS1-Lesson-Plan-2020 This could be useful for parents who wish to help their children and get involved.

HOMEWORK: Ready to print; Case studies and Sharing Task [DOWNLOAD]

Teacher Notes for the day[DOWNLOAD] UPDATE LINK

Returning Schools & KS2 classes

Children on the Move Lesson Plan (The Right to Safety is a Human Right)
Age range 11 – 14 years. Includes video link and sharing task sheets LINK

Link to film, part of lesson plan [LINK HERE] children should watch this before starting their homework



Teacher Notes for the day[DOWNLOAD] UPDATE LINK

Download your pencil posters here 

I LOVE SCHOOL BECAUSE…..  [Download] Pencil Placard.
(Also available direct from the recommended lesson plans for KS1 and KS2.)

Perfect for younger age groups. 

Download your posters here

We are taking part poster  DOWNLOAD Poster 2020 Schools Poster 

What YOU can do! [Download] Classroom Poster 

Quality Education; Goal 4 [Download] Classroom Poster

Quality Education; Goal 5 [Download] Classroom Poster

Download your films and animations here

Assembly or Collective worship animation  click here
(3 minute short film introducing general concept of the SDGs)


Share a Pencil Day is part of the World’s Largest Lesson, introducing the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and uniting them in action.  

Share a Pencil Day aims to promote Goal #4: Ensuring inclusive & equitable quality education & the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for ALL.

This year, through our recommended lesson plan for returning schools and older pupils we are also highlighting Goal 5: (By 2030 to) Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls