Share A Pencil Day

The next Share a Pencil Day will take place on Wednesday 20th May 2020. 

For the past three years we have been raising awareness of global education issues through our annual Share a Pencil Day.
A fun and interactive way for schools, teachers and pupils to explore the reasons why millions of children globally are still missing out on an education, and why that matters. Since 2017 more than 150,000 children from more than 600 schools signed up to take part in the day.

Completely free to participate, Share a Pencil Day is part of the World’s Largest Lesson, introducing the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and uniting them in action. Share a Pencil Day highlights Goal #4: Ensuring inclusive & equitable quality education & promote lifelong learning opportunities for ALL. 

This year our focus for KS2 pupils is Children on the Move. How displaced children are struggling to get the education they deserve and why that matters.

“It was wonderful to see the children’s reaction to the difficulties other children in the world have accessing education. It highlighted to them how lucky they are and how they must value education even more”. 
Wendy Scherer, Hutton CE Primary School, Weston-super-Mar

What is it?

The event is aimed at primary and secondary schools across the UK and is a lovely addition to the standard curriculum. Taking place in May, the week after Year 6 SATs exams, and completely free to take part, participating schools have access to lesson plans, short films and plenty more. Everything a school needs to run the day.

Why Share a Pencil?

Millions of children all over the world who do not have access to education or lack the basic tools they need for learning. Sometimes large groups of children have to share exercise books, paper and even pencils and pens.
Share a Pencil Day is about learning, it’s about engaging children and teachers in the UK to help everyone understand a little more about the difficulties faced elsewhere.

During one lesson on the day children are asked to share one pencil between two to better understand what school is like when you lack the resources we take for granted.

Teacher Resource Pack

Once you have signed up and we know you’re taking part we’ll provide all the information you’ll need on the day. 
Introductions to the day, lesson plans (KS1 and KS2) video links and downloads such as the pencil placard or poster. 

Keep your eyes peeled in your inbox, we’ll be sending it all as we get closer to the day.