Teacher Tool Kit

Teacher Tool Kit

For 2020 we have made a few changes to enable pupils to get involved from home. We are pairing it back rather than cancel or postpone the day, the topic is simply too important. 

For the KS1 pupils the 4 main reasons children still cannot go to school. Examples of 4 children for them to read about and answer a few questions. A short film introducing the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and where education sits within that can be used as an introduction. 

For KS2 we are focusing on Children on the Move (refugee and displaced children) as they deserve an education too. Contains a short film and some questions to answer about the film.

The pencil poster is available to all and a great reminder, particularly in these difficult times, why children are lucky to be able to go to school

Pick and choose what you feel works best for your school, class or pupils. 

First time participants & KS1 classes

Age range 8 – 10 years

WORKING FROM HOME assignment Powerpoint [DOWNLOAD]. 


WFH: Ready to print; Case studies and Task [DOWNLOAD]

3 minute short film introducing general concept of the SDGs  click here

Returning Schools & KS2 classes

Children on the Move Lesson Plan (The Right to Safety is a Human Right)
Age range 11 – 14 years. Includes video link and homework tasks


WORKING FROM HOME KS2 Assignment Powerpoint [DOWNLOAD]

WFH questions only [LINK]

WFH answers only [LINK

We are delighted to be working with MyBrightKite who have provided the lesson tasks for this assignent. To find out more CLICK HERE

Pencil posters templates 

Why not get the children to remember what is so good about school

I LOVE SCHOOL BECAUSE…..  [Download] Pencil Placard.
(Also available direct from the recommended lesson plans for KS1 and KS2.)

Perfect for younger age groups. 

Recipe of Hope 

Why not get the children to cook at home 

Download a cooking from home mini assignment here  [Download] 

Lesson Plan and Objectives for teachers [CLICK HERE]

We have teamed up with HumanKINDER to encourage children all across the country to create a simple bread recipe at home. 

Cooking can be a wonderful chance to share and encourage conversation, to try a little piece of something from another country or culture. 

Why not try your hand at cooking a flat bread and have a chance to enter our prize draw. 

For more about HumanKINDER please visit www.humanKINDER.uk

Download your posters here

We are taking part poster  DOWNLOAD Poster 2020 Schools Poster 

What YOU can do! [Download] Classroom Poster 

Quality Education; Goal 4 [Download] Classroom Poster

Quality Education; Goal 5 [Download] Classroom Poster

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A 3 minute introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals  click here