Sustainable Planner Refill Pack 2


Refill Pack 2 for our refillable and recycled weekly planner / journals. Double Pack contains:
1 x MyPlan – Numbered lists To-Do Non-dated weekly diary (64 page/32 weeks)
1 x Colours – Plain coloured paper Pink blue yellow (64 page)

Refills made from 100% sustainable paper

Alternative Option, see refill pack 1 (MyPlan with lined paper)

Every VENT notebook sold helps support children’s education projects worldwide.

Sustainable Planner Refill Pack 2  MyPlan and Coloured Paper

Proceeds from this Sustainable Planner Refill Pack 2 go towards our Ambassador for Change Programme. Providing free pencils for schools and communities around the world. Also Share a Pencil Day, our Global Education Awareness Day for school children right across the UK. Find out more CLICK HERE

Most importantly, we give 5% from of every item sold to supporting children’s education projects worldwide. That’s not 5% of profit as many organisations do, it’s 5% of the sales value from the first item to the last one sold. That’s our promise.

Every VENT product sold helps support children’s education projects globally.
Find out more about our Share a Pencil Day and our Education Projects.

About VENT

VENT for Change is a leading sustainable and ethical stationery company. As well as protecting the planet VENT also supports children’s education projects worldwide with every item sold

We combine beautiful award-winning design with impeccable eco-credentials. Everything in the VENT range is made using recycled and sustainable materials. From notebooks made using reclaimed leather, cotton and wool with certified sustainable papers to pens made from recycled plastic drinks bottles. VENT even have their own pencil factory in the UK making pencils from recycled CD cases.


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